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Extinguish the Flame is out!

The town of Wyndale is slowly falling into the hands of a criminal organization. Do you have what it takes to stop their spread of power and free the citizens […]

New Adventure on the Way

A new campaign has been in the works at Crusader Games and is being prepped to be published. It has been played through by two different small groups, and is […]

Vindicator is Out

The Vindicator class is out. It can be said that with each blank character sheet, a hero is ready to awaken. But, what if becoming an ordinary hero isn’t quite what […]

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The Aeternum setting was announced back in 2014 and since then, content for the setting has expanded into two distinct flavors: high-fantasy and horror. In Aeternum: Aeturnia, players are thrown into a world filled with the staples they have come to love with familiar races like dwarves, elves, and orcs; all dressed in epic armor pieces wielding magical weapons and fighting monstrous enemies. With lore that has been built up over years of play time between many members of Crusader Games, Aeternum: Aeturnia should be an enchanting new world that will provide a fresh take on all the traditional gaming we have been accustomed to.

Branching off from Aeturnia, a newer adventure setting was crafted bringing in the horror inspired world of Vriden. Aeternum: Vriden will be an old world filled with ghosts, ghouls, and supernatural beasts; all clamoring for power in a realm shrouded in darkness. Influenced by the Victorian Gothic era, this setting will give players lore built up from the original Aeturnia setting that felt more twisted and expand it into it’s own world. Though Aeternum is separated into multiple settings, both worlds and their own lore are interconnected, and pieces of their story interweave between realms.

Dungeon Master’s Guild

Tabletop gaming has long served as a foundation and inspiration for multitudes of gaming projects. It is no different for us at Crusader Games. It is this inspiration that has driven us to create unique content for publication to the Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guild. Over time, we will be releasing numerous custom races, classes, archetypes, various adventures, and more.

Check out our content on the Dungeon Master’s Guild by following the link below.



In Darkness

In Darkness is a game about the paranormal. You follow the investigations of Emily, an inexperienced ghost hunter, as she searches through various locales for the spirits that haunt them. Confronted with the spirit of her husband, Emily is propelled into a nightmarish world when she decides to follow his notes to learn more about the dark world that plagued his haunted youth.

The player will use various tools and equipment in the field such as the night vision camera, electromagnetic field (EMF) detector, and electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) recorder to investigate these haunted locations. Being shrouded in darkness, the player will use a flashlight to help ward off spirits, trying not to let the their fear get the best of them. Because when the player is too afraid, their health suffers.

This combat-light game will focus more on adventuring as Emily trudges through the spook-filled settings filled with ghosts and spirits, ready to give chase and cause fright as you, the player, figure out the connection between these places and her late-husband’s youth.



Our Team

Chip Lambert

Chip Lambert

Technical Director

Chip Lambert has been playing video games for almost 35 years and tabletop role-playing games for over 26 years. His love for these two worlds brought him down the path of game development for both starting back in 1999 developing mods for Half-Life. He has experience with various video game engines such as Torque, Unreal Engine, and Unity. Currently he is working on bringing Tim Robinette’s vision of In Darkness to life and assisting Jeremy Webb with the creation of the two Aeternum brands.

Steve Kessinger

Steve Kessinger

Business Operations

Steve Kessinger began working with Chip Lambert on independent gaming projects in 1999, first with the highly-hyped Half-Life mod, Assimilation. After working on other various projects over the years, Steve and Chip partnered to form Crusader Games. Steve currently serves as the lead for Business Operations and is the lead content creator for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition content to be released to the Dungeon Master’s Guild. He is also involved in design, project management, and producing aspects of other Crusader Games projects.

Tim Robinette

Tim Robinette

Lead Game Designer

Practically born with an Atari joystick in his hand, Tim Robinette was introduced to gaming at a very early age. As he grew, the desire to design his own games did as well. Tim began to teach himself programming in elementary school, and explore early concepts in game design as well. Shortly after Doom was released in 1993, Tim began gravitating toward level design as a hobby and eventually picked up creating custom maps and mods for games like Doom, Half-Life, and Unreal.

Jeremy Webb

Jeremy Webb

Creative Director

Bio not available

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