The Aeternum setting was announced back in 2014 and since then, content for the setting has expanded into two distinct flavors: high-fantasy and horror. In Aeternum: Aeturnia, players are thrown into a world filled with the staples they have come to love with familiar races like dwarves, elves, and orcs; all dressed in epic armor pieces wielding magical weapons and fighting monstrous enemies. With lore that has been built up over years of play time between many members of Crusader Games, Aeternum: Aeturnia should be an enchanting new world that will provide a fresh take on all the traditional gaming we have been accustomed to.

Branching off from Aeturnia, a newer adventure setting was crafted bringing in the horror inspired world of Vriden. Aeternum: Vriden will be an old world filled with ghosts, ghouls, and supernatural beasts; all clamoring for power in a realm shrouded in darkness. Influenced by the Victorian Gothic era, this setting will give players lore built up from the original Aeturnia setting that felt more twisted and expand it into it’s own world. Though Aeternum is separated into multiple settings, both worlds and their own lore are interconnected, and pieces of their story interweave between realms.