Extinguish the Flame is out!

The town of Wyndale is slowly falling into the hands of a criminal organization. Do you have what it takes to stop their spread of power and free the citizens of Wyndale from the corruption?

Extinguish the Flame, a 5e adventure, is now available on the Dungeon Master’s Guild.


As a celebration, we will be giving away a free copy of this adventure and our Vindicator class. Head over to our Facebook page and see how you can win!

New Adventure on the Way

A new campaign has been in the works at Crusader Games and is being prepped to be published. It has been played through by two different small groups, and is now in the process of correcting spelling and grammar as well as cleaning up some of the encounters. The adventure is planned for new characters and will take them through their first few levels as they explore the crimes taking place in a rural fishing community.

Vindicator is Out

The Vindicator class is out. It can be said that with each blank character sheet, a hero is ready to awaken. But, what if becoming an ordinary hero isn’t quite what you had in mind. What if you wanted to be a superhero/villain in a fantasy setting? If so, the Vindicator class is for you. The Vindicator incorporates a flexible method for using existing spells in order to build unique heroes which can have wildly varying, yet themed abilities to accompany their standard combat prowess.

This class also contains three Vindicator Orders to join. Whether your intentions are purely heroic, yet self-centered; to serve as a protector and team player; or perhaps even something more fiendish, you have those options open to fit your personality as a player.

This class is designed to be played in virtually any setting. Players are encouraged to select a theme so the vindicator character can be highly proficient with a group of related powers. For example, if a player wanted their vindicator to be a master of fire, they could select spells like Burning Hands, Fireball, Scorching Ray, and Meteor Swarm as Supernatural Powers.