BLIGHT was a DOOM® mod for a “seventh” episode that was originally supposed to be released along side SIGIL II on December 10th 2023. It turned out that many Doom mods were released the same day, completed by teams of individuals, with names backing them, and John Romero himself putting out SIGIL II. There was no way that Blight was even going to be a blip on the mod radar. Blight is developed by one guy: yours truly. I’ve not reached out for testers yet, or completed the deathmatch maps. I still have to balance the maps and test the maps myself for Ultra-Violence mode. In other words, there is still work to be done. This mod was first started back in September or October, with the assumption that I was able to complete it all with simplicity by December. That was a pipe dream.

So am I burnt out yet on this? Not really. Though, I definitely am feeling tired that I’m still working on it, past my set goal, but I am very happy to see it getting closer to being finished. Essentially, I have some new, at least to me, refreshing ideas I’ve added to this mod. First off, like SIGIL and SIGIL II, I’ve created Blight to be a mod for the original DOOM® game. I do plan to release this before DOOM II® 30th, but I’m wanting it right. So the few original ideas that I have are the types of interactive switches. This game unfortunately is not compatible with vanilla, chocolate, or crispy source ports, but it is Boom compatible, so most source ports are derivatives of Boom. I currently use GZDoom to test and play my maps. Because of this, the switches only work on these source ports. One works much like the Baphomet Eyes that John Romero used in the SIGIL-series, but instead of hiding the switch, I make visible changes to the switches. The exits also require interactions before allowing a player to exit the level, and lastly, I created each maps’ exit on the next maps’ starting location. Each map should be able to be lined up with the next and create a contiguous series of maps, not just a continuous set. I won’t go into too much detail but I do have unique ideas that, at least for me, are new and different. I’ve not played many big newer maps, so maybe this stuff isn’t new at all.

When it comes to mapping experience, as I’ve said before, I’m no John Romero, or [insert name of any well-known mapper]. I do have at least 20+ years of mapping experience. I’ve used UDMF format as well, and have done ACS scripting. Created new graphics, animated textures, sprites. I’ve modified existing new monsters, but never creating my own. I won’t say I’m good, but I’m confident in my style and what I think looks good. There are some good map packs out there, and some great community of mappers, so I hope I can come come close to those with Blight. I’ve working longer hours on this as time gets closer. I have a couple testers in mind that aren’t DOOM® savvy, but are gamers. I do need to find some gamers out there who regularly play the game. I can do UV mode on most maps, but SIGIL was difficult. On top of that, I loathe slaughter maps, so this will not be one of those. I don’t like too much platforming, but I do have some of that as well in the maps. I have some puzzles in the maps as well, and each map is different from the rest in terms of style, gameplay mechanics, and unique features. I hope that comes out well in the end. I expect this to go on for another month at least as I work to playtest the remaining 7 maps. 

And lastly, I had been watching a lot of the Twitch streams of Romero building SIGIL II, which I miss Buckethead over Thorr, but I digress. What I did do was create similar goals in each map. Aside from the secrets, I also decided to add a FIREBLU secret, though a little different than his, and a 30-second door. I didn’t like this being a secret, because it felt a bit like a cheap tactic. You already have the FIREBLU easter egg secret that is required, but the 30-second door will still yield you some goodies if you make it there in time. All in all, I’m excited to complete BLIGHT as its actually my first serious attempt at releasing maps. I’ve made maps in the past just for myself to play, and nobody else. And I would spend hours on these maps only for nobody to see them. This will change as I want to make more of these compilations. My next will be a DOOM II® map pack, and I will include all the maps I’ve done before hand. Stay tuned, as I’m working on this by myself as quickly as possible.